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Best Basketball Instructor in Acworth

Based in the local area, Ray The Ref is a small but dedicated cricket club that offers tennis classes to all ages. We run exciting recreational training for all levels of ability, from beginners to competitive cricket players. Our sports instructors believe in safe, fun and enjoyable activities that will inspire and motivate a new generation to come. Please get in touch with us via the form below for more information about our classes or facilities.

Why Choose Us?

At Ray The Ref, we are convinced that there is potential in everyone for greatness. While it's true that not everyone who does cricket is going to make it to Lords, that’s fine, it’s still a wonderful way to keep fit, make friends, and learn new skills. We have the drive and deliver on safe, friendly and compelling tennis classes that are always fairly priced.

Our beliefs

We, believe in treating everyone with the dignity and respect they deserve, and every class teaches the values of sportsmanship and teamwork. We also think that having fun, showing commitment and enthusiasm is a vital part of participation in the club. We are very lucky to have such commitment and skill from our expert team and members alike, and we'd love to welcome you in as our latest member.


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